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The moment I started using this phrase my
life developed in a new direction. It seemed like
things came together in a natural way. Without
controlling it, opportunities came knocking
on my door. An eye-opening experience for me!

The year of 2015 will be very special for me.
I will continue working as an independent designer
but I’m exchanging my focus from knits to paper
with new challenges in foreign countries and hope-
fully more time to work on my art. I know I still have
a lot to learn, it almost feels like starting over again!
I will be enjoying my creativity to the max, no limita-
tions and no borders. I love what I do...

And what I do you can see on my site. A mix-and-
match of designing commercial greeting cards, my
current life as a graphic designer and-, experimental
art besides a little fashion knits now and then ;>)).

You are most invited to MOK around in my world.

               Hope you’ll enjoy!”

                       X Mo