MOK STUDIO projects, KendieKaart & Greeting
Mill are designed by Monique Koetsier.

“What started with the idea to work on art projects
to explore my creativity, developed into something I
look forward to do every day. It all began with the
vintage greeting cards I inherited from my grand-
mother and I still consider this the main influence
in my work.
That same grandmother also taught me, at a very
early stage, how to knit, embroider and do all kinds
of needlework. This is probably the reason I chose
fashion as a career.

As a young child I was always producing & collecting
vintage stuff and pictures, an impulse many designers
seem to have ;>)).
The first element I always select to start designing
is flowers; that must be my Dutch roots! The idea
that people make each other happy with my cards
gives an extra dimension to a regular day at the